A Guide To Remove Hard Water Stains. Are you tired of looking at hard water stains on your bathtub, kitchen sink, showers, swimming pool, or toilet seats? Do you hate to see your shiny surfaces dull and stained? And you want to get rid of these stains? Here is the complete guide about how these stains look like, tips to remove them, and how to avoid them in future?

What do hard water stains look like?

Hard water stains appear as white chalky substance that is formed because of extra minerals in water. Hard water is usually high in mineral contents. High amount of calcium, magnesium, or gypsum is present in hard water which leaves stain residues on your households.

Common causes:

Here are some of the common causes of hard water stains:

  • High mineral content in water.
  • High magnesium and calcium
  • Longer contact of hard water with the surface.

How to remove ?

Natural methods:

There are 99.5% chances that stains can be removed with simple and natural DIYs.

  • Vinegar is one of the most safe and natural remedies to remove stains from your surfaces. Pour some vinegar in a spray bottle and directly apply it to your surface and clean it with cloth.
  • Baking soda also helps with stains. Mix baking soda with water and make a thin paste. Apply it on the stains and clean with the help of a towel.

Chemical Methods:

If homemade remedies don’t work. You can also use chemicals to remove these stains from your surfaces.

  • Hydrogen peroxide is a good chemical to remove it from the surface.
  • Fluoride toothpaste can also be a good option.


You can prevent hard water stains by following few tips:

  • Keep your surface dry.
  • Use mineral fighting cleaners to clean regularly.
  • Use water softener to soft your hard water.
  • Clean more frequently