Chrome Polish : Every car owner must have : Nobody wants their vehicle to look rusty and old. Chrome is a famous metal that is used to coat on motorcycles, cars and other vehicles. It prevents your vehicle surface from rusting and getting damaged.

In your car you can see several areas like door handles, rims, or door frames that are covered with chrome to give them a delicately nice look. You need to polish these areas with chrome polish to make it look shiny.

Chrome Polish : Why is cleaning of chrome parts important?

  • Stick to the regular cleaning routine of your car. If you clean it weekly or every 10 days with wet or dry cloth, chrome will be in good condition.
  • Don’t rub vigorously it can cause scratches or spots to your chrome area.
  • Use a microfiber towel to wipe the spotless part of the chrome area. It will give extra shine.
  • Thin layer of chrome wax will give you neat and extra shine.
  • Try to avoid using any harsh chemicals on your chrome area that will cause damage.

Here are few steps which you can follow to have clean and lasting chrome shine:

  1. Clean the surface of chrome from dirt or any other particles by the help of soap and sponge.
  2. Clean minor areas which are hard to reach with brush.
  3. Wipe it off with a microfiber towel.
  4. With the help of a microfiber towel apply your chrome polish.
  5. Rub your polish evenly on the surface of the car.

If your chrome area is rusted, an aluminum method can be used to remove this rust because aluminum is ideal to remove rust from the chrome.

Following are some benefits of chrome polish for your cars:

Gives shiny look

Make it free from corrosion

Hide or remove scratches

When exposed to extreme weather conditions it gives protection

So chrome polish is a good choice for your cars if you want your car to look nice and new