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Sealer Gloss waterproofs and seals the high gloss finish on autos, trucks, and motorcycles with a protective coating that will protect up to one full year. It preserves the beautiful high gloss wet look and water beading.

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Sealer Gloss waterproofs and seals the high gloss finish on autos, trucks, and motorcycles with a protective coating that will protect up to six months. It preserves the beautiful high gloss wet look, keeps dust off, and stops water spots from hardening onto surfaces.

Great on all surfaces including clear coats, gel coats, plastic, and fiberglass. Our goal was to create a protective coating strong enough to act as a barrier against the millions of airborne particles that damage paint, and the oxidizing rays of the sun. At the same time, the formula had to exhibit an extreme wet look gloss.

We’re happy to report that our Sealer Gloss excels in protection, gloss, and is surprisingly simple and very easy to use.

Great also for metal surfaces: It’s equally excellent on all metal surfaces, providing a glossy protective coating for aluminum, chrome, brass, stainless steel, and more, Until now most polished metals required constant polishing to maintain their shine.

We at CJ’s Master Formula discovered that excessive polishing is outdated because our Sealer Gloss provides extreme high gloss protection for up to one full year. when dirty, simply wash and wipe dry. Between washes be sure to try our Xtreme Gloss instant detailer for that beautiful wet look. Thanks in advance, we know you’ll love it.

Reviews (8)

  1. Good stuff. Keeps dust from sticking to my truck.


  2. Awesome product! Once you try it, you’ll never use another product again. For those who live in the mid west or east coast, it works wonders during the winter.

    Raul S

  3. This is the best thing I have found. You can actually polish with it too.


  4. I polished my rims 3 years ago and put this on it and they are still shiny!


  5. This changed the game for our trucks. Nothing sticks to it and it makes it so easy to re-polish!


  6. I do about a car show a month, and this sealer has changed my life. Put it on right after polishing and I don’t have to worry about it again

    Brian M

  7. This stuff is truly awesome. I have been telling all of my friends about it


  8. Outstanding product. I use this after cleaning and shining my farming equipment with the other Master Formula products. This protects well into the next year!


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CJ's Master Formula

Sealer Gloss -12 oz



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