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Xtreme Gloss is a spray polish that will clean and protect the hard surfaces of your vehicle. A simple spray and wipe will remove water spots, dust, and fingerprints, and it will leave your vehicle with a show room shine.

Great For:

  • Paint
  • Windows
  • Plastic
  • Aluminum
  • Chrome

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Xtreme Gloss is a spray polish that cleans and shines the hard surfaces of your vehicle. A simple spray and wipe will remove water spots, dust, fingerprints, and other minor imperfections. Its versatility allows you to use it on your vehicle’s paint, windows, plastic, and metal, leaving every surface with a showroom shine!

We added some unique characteristics to the formula to enhance the ease of application and insure the gloss. When you spray it onto a surface, simply smooth it out and it begins to evaporate, streak-free, as you wipe it off.

Not only does Xtreme Gloss clean and shine your vehicle, but it also offers a protective barrier against the environment, increasing the longevity of your surfaces’ shine.

Grab your bottle of Xtreme Gloss today and experience an extraordinary shine in half the time!

Reviews (25)

  1. Great product, but I wish it came in a bigger bottle.

    Ronnie B

  2. This is an amazing product. Makes it look like a new paint job!

    Craig B

  3. Wish I could give it 100 stars. This is the easiest and best product I have ever used on my bikes

    Mitch mconnel

  4. Master Formula does it again. I used to only use the Metal and Sealer Gloss, but this is great too.

    Clarence Dawkins


    Mike Lamoon

  6. Works great. I use it on all of my show cars.


  7. It works.

    Sean Smith

  8. Good stuff


  9. I love this stuff. We use it on all of our show cars and people always ask how we get the paint so shiny

    Theodore M

  10. For a spray and wipe product this is the best I have found. I use it on my metal and on paint, and I love how it works.


  11. This works great. I have had multiple people ask me what I use on my cars and this is it.


  12. I use this on everything and it is amazing. Easy on, easy off and no streaks.


  13. Have used this product on my cars and bikes. Great product


  14. My wife and I use this on everything, even inside our home. Cleans everything & wipes off easily. Will always be stocked with this stuff


  15. Really good product. Doesn’t streak and it makes the paint shine.


  16. Works way better than chemical guys.


  17. I have been using this for years. I love it.

    Manny D

  18. Works as advertised. Very happy with it


  19. Good stuff!


  20. Gives a great shine.


  21. Works really well


  22. Easy to use and quick results.


  23. This quick detailer works great and leaves no streaks

    Harry Mitchel

  24. 10/10 product, good stuff


  25. Been using this product for years it’s the best spray and wipe you can get I bought a 32oz bottle at a car show several years ago still halfway full going to order me 2 bottle not sure why you can’t get it in 32 oz bottle, but what ever you do not get that 3 in 1 stuff from china what a lie and rip off.

    Larry Boatman

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Xtreme Gloss - 16 oz