Metal Gloss – 12 oz


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Metal Gloss polishes aluminum and stainless steel to look like chrome. It makes chrome look like glass, brass look like gold, and polishes gold and silver to an amazing high gloss.

Great For:

  • Aluminum
  • Chrome
  • Brass
  • Stainless Steel
  • Gold
  • Silver
  • Pewter

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Metal Gloss polishes aluminum and stainless steel to look like chrome. It makes chrome look like glass, brass look like gold, and polishes gold and silver to an amazing high gloss.

Metal Gloss was formulated with the latest technology in polishing science. The formula was created using jewelers’ rouges originally designed to polish the most expensive precious metals in the world: gold, silver, platinum, etc.

The challenge was to create a formula powerful enough for stainless steel and aluminum, yet smooth enough to leave even the finest chrome without a mark or scratch. Our achievement is the creation of the ultimate metal polish, METAL GLOSS.

This new technology includes ingredients for specialty metals like BILLET aluminum. Our customers are enjoying amazing results with classic cars, “show bikes”, and big rigs, and many more.

Metal Gloss was also designed for the “easy application” demands of our new generation. For years, metal polishing has been a difficult chore. Some polishes were abrasive and scratchy. Others were too weak to remove oxidation. Most were messy and hard to wipe off. During our research, we had conversations with thousands of polishers. Some were professionals, others were everyday people polishing wheels on their cars, brass or silver pieces in their homes, etc. They all said the same thing. “We want something easy to use, with an effortless wipe off, that leaves the surface with flawless reflections.”

Master Formula Metal Gloss does all that and more. Ten years ago we began test marketing at classic car shows, international auto shows, international motorcycle shows, NHRA races, and more. The response all over the United States was overwhelming. Today, there are hundreds of thousands of customers who loudly testify that CJ’s Master Formula Metal Gloss is by far, the finest metal polish that can be used on aluminum, chrome, brass, stainless steel, copper, gold, silver, or platinum.

So, If you haven’t already had the pleasure, we invite you to try a bottle. When you do, we are certain you’ll join our growing family of enthusiasts. Your absolute satisfaction is guaranteed.

Reviews (135)

  1. Loved the product, a very useful product for car detailing. Will order again!


  2. This is legitimately the best polish I’ve ever used and it’s not close. I thought these guys wen’t out of business. SO HAPPY I FOUND THEM AGAIN!


  3. The best thing i’ve found for stainless steel. Keep it up!


  4. been using this polish for years. Master Formula is the best!

    Greg Boyl

  5. Best metal polish on the market.


  6. I actually use this for things around the house and it is amazing. Definitely a hidden gem


  7. Found this at a swapmeet and couldn’t believe how good it worked. I was skeptical because they were just polishing cans but it worked great for me.

    Ralphie Pe

  8. I lost my bottle and couldn’t find the website anywhere. SO HAPPY I FOUND YOU GUYS AGAIN!

    Michael L

  9. Used this on my 57 Chevy and it was great

    John Bartone

  10. Much better than I expected. Will buy again

    Nico Robinson

  11. You still have to rub it pretty good, but it really does make it shine


  12. Great product

    Drew Alhadeff

  13. Nothing competes with master formula. My go to polish for all of my trucks.

    Chris Roberts

  14. This is the first review I have ever written, but I had to do it because this product is that good. Don’t hesitate to buy this polish.

    Bruce Fields

  15. Will definitely buy again. Made my rims look better than new

    Micah Swuarts

  16. took the blueing out of my pipes on my bike. Incredible!

    Joe Gloria

  17. I was nervous to buy because of the name change, but it is the same product. Best polish that there is.

    Cortez Masto

  18. I have a classic car and my father thought I got a new paint job… THAT is how good this stuff is. I learned about it at a auto expo. Try it and you won’t regret it!

    Nicole Everett

  19. Great for my older boat! My boat had some oxidation on the metal and this took it off so easy!!

    Merissa Alvarez

  20. Best I have found.

    Julius Macharia

  21. Well worth the $$. Great product and makes my aluminum look like chrome!!

    Mitch jacobsen

  22. Great Product

    Jeff Rutter

  23. wow. This is seriously so much better than anything I have ever used. I am so happy with it.


  24. Bought this for my dad and he loves it

    Susanne M

  25. This is the Michael Jordan of metal polishes. It is definitely for finished metal, but it makes it look better than anything I’ve ever used before. Well worth the purchase. Will be buying again.

    Masie M

  26. Nothing beats this polish for chrome. So easy and such a high gloss.

    Enes Whatley

  27. I wish I could give this 10 stars. I do a lot of polishing and this has made my life so much easier. Thank you!

    Matt donaldson

  28. They changed the name so I wasn’t sure if it was the same, but it might honestly be better than before. Such a great polish for aluminum and chrome.


  29. Best metal polish I have ever used.


  30. This should be sold everywhere!

    Mark M

  31. Scratched the rim on my new car and was extremely discouraged about it. My friend recommended this so I gave it a try. The scratch is completely gone, and the spot looked so good that I did the rest of the rims and they look better than when I bought it! This stuff is legit!

    Jim C

  32. Easy on easy off. Great polish

    kenny d

  33. I use this on all of my big rigs. It keeps the dust off and really makes it shine

    Carter creight

  34. Best metal polish in the market!


  35. Yes! Yes! Yes! This product works miracles

    Thomas S

  36. Makes my aluminum look better than new. Love this stuff

    Kyle S

  37. You will never go back to another product once you try this. I met CJ at a car show years ago, and I have been using his products ever since.

    Brett L

  38. Best polish on the planet and it isn’t close. Makes my brass look like actual gold.


  39. This stuff is like magic


  40. I was honestly shocked by the results. It is more of a finishing polish than a deep oxidation remover, but the shine it gives is truly amazing.

    Charles D

  41. we polish a lot of brass and this has changed our life

    Donald Moore

  42. I use this on my Pontoon boat and it makes it look like chrome. Nothing comes close to this metal polish


  43. This stuff is the best finishing polish ive used. It really is the best


  44. Great Product!

    Dick M

  45. This should be sold in every store across the country. I’ve never experienced results like this with anything else. I never leave reviews, but I was compelled to leave one here. This is the best.

    Randy F

  46. I’ve used this to polish my gold and silver jewelry. Makes it look better than new. Highly recommend

    Taylor C

  47. Not only did it shine my bike, but it has kept it shiny for months. I love this polish


  48. Best metal polish I have tried.

    Correy D

  49. Started using this based off a friends recommendation. He polishes metal for a living, so I figured he knew what he was talking about, and he was absolutely right. This polish has changed the polishing game for me.


  50. Makes everything shine like a diamond. Amazing

    Rico M

  51. I will never use another metal polish. This is the best i’ve used by far. It really is incredible.


  52. Saw this on Facebook and thought I would give it a shot. I am very happy that I did!


  53. This stuff is amazing!

    Terrence L

  54. All of their products are top tier. I saw this at a GoodGuys show years ago and ive been using it ever since.


  55. Completely restored my rims.


  56. I love this stuff. Works as advertised

    Charly D

  57. Bout it last weekend at a car show and it works just like it did on the pop can. Very impressed.


  58. Awesome stuff. completely removed the rust on my trailer and made it shine.


  59. Works as advertised!

    Timothy L

  60. Best metal polish I have tried


  61. I have been using this for over 20 years. Makes my a aluminum look like chrome!


  62. Best thing there is for chrome! Makes me so happy to see all of these 5 star reviews because it deserves it!


  63. Amazing product.

    Andrew D

  64. Easy on, Easy off, and great shine.


  65. Love this polish!


  66. I love this product and the company’s story!


  67. Amazing on my Harley. This is the only thing that I have found that doesn’t scratch the chrome but still makes it shine. This stuff is the best.


  68. NOTHING beats this metal polish. Makes my chrome shine like a mirror.

    Peter L


    Vic D

  70. Best metal polish on earth! I won’t use anything else.

    Jon L

  71. I use this on everything. Nothing beats it


  72. Makes the chrome on my bike shine like crazy

    Karl L

  73. I restore classic cars… This is my go-to product for any and all metal that needs brought back to life. I need this on autoship.

    Joseph R

  74. Best polish on the market.

    Chris M

  75. Takes the coloring of my chrome pipes on my Harley. I am amazed!


  76. Love this stuff!


  77. My dad introduced this to me over 20 years ago and I am still using it. It is is so much better than anything else I have tried. Thanks CJ!

    Carl Dawkins

  78. The best thing I’ve used on my metal in a long time. I can see my reflection when I get done. So shiny 🙌🏻

    AJ Parks

  79. Amazing stuff


  80. 10/10 must have if you want your metal and chrome to shine like new


  81. Wow. Best polish I’ve ever used


  82. Used this on my chrome rims. They haven’t shined like that since I bought it 30 years ago. Good stuff


  83. Best product on the market 🙌🏻 wish it sold in my local stores


  84. I bought this to try it out on my gold and silver jewelry and the results… Unbelievable! And a little bit goes a long way, the bottle will last me forever.


  85. This works like magic!


  86. best product on the market


  87. Works as intended. Very impressed.


  88. Can’t believe I’ve been using other polishes for so long. After trying this out, I’ll never use anything else.


  89. Top tier product!


  90. It is a great product. From my experience.


  91. I’ve been using this product for years. Would never recommend another kind of metal polish. This stuff is amazing


  92. Don’t need much to make your wheels shine like new. Good stuff


  93. Was recommended to me from a friend and let me just say wow!! I used it to polish my pontoon boat, the results were unbelievable. And it kept my boat shiny for months


  94. If you live in the midwest or on the east coast, you need this stuff to keep your car shining through all the seasons. Even the winter! Gets a 10/10 from me


  95. amazing product


  96. The best stuff ever!!


  97. This stuff works wonders 💪


  98. the best product i’ve used for chrome


  99. Good Stuff. I Like it and Good Service, I’ll buy more!

    Jimmy J

  100. Love this stuff


  101. Haven’t found anything that works better for my chrome rims


  102. Love this product— you won’t be disappointed!


  103. got my truck shining!!!


  104. This product is the real deal! 🙌🏻


  105. High quality stuff. Polished my truck and I couldn’t believe it. Will definitely be buying more

    Peter G.

  106. Amazing product. I’ve been using it for years


  107. I bought this product and it is ALL THEY SAY IT IS. The best I have ever used. Great results using it by hand.


  108. this stuff is legit, really works!


  109. I have tried a lot of different products on my polished aluminum wheels this is hands down the best stuff I have ever used


  110. i just bought this and it works great! very pleased with the results


  111. Over 45 years of cleaning my aluminum racing wheels, this has been the best I’ve used without as much effort and has a better shine quality on pretty much all of my metal parts.


  112. The stuff is incredible! I had tried and purchased other stuff for a restoration project (including, power polisher, Rouge, glass polish, etc.). Master formula made short work of the chrome and glass.


  113. this stuff is legit.


  114. I’ve had this stuff for years and it works great. I even use it for my chains & gold 👌🏻


  115. greta stuff, works very well!!


  116. Bought some years ago from LA auto show. Product works really well and a little bit goes a long way


  117. i used mother’s polish and it sucked.. used this and it was amazing


  118. i’m very happy with this polish ☺️


  119. This one of the few products that works as it’s intended to. Amazing shine


  120. the polish is great!


  121. Just got some & it amazed me!


  122. i have some, awesome product for sure!!


  123. Been buying this stuff for years, works great


  124. This polish is great!!


  125. it works


  126. It brings a great shine 👌🏻


  127. i bought this stuff a long time ago and have been using it ever since!👏🏻


  128. Love this product. Have been using it for years.


  129. This metal gloss makes my rims that are over 30 years old look brand new!


  130. One of the best polishing products out there!!


  131. l use it on everything from cars to guns and have been amazed at everything l’ve used it on. It works great, and I’ll buy more when I run out.


  132. This stuff definitely works


  133. it really does the job 👏🏻


  134. one word .. WOW


  135. I bought one it works great on chrome really nice shine on my Harley!


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Metal Gloss - 12 oz


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